Can an Automatic Car Wash Damage Car Paint?

When giving a dirty car to the wash, people are almost always sure of a relatively successful result, however, the process is better to be controlled, otherwise unpleasant consequences may arise. It would seem, how can a car wash damage the car? Water, rags, active foam, and water pressure — these are the tools used in the Fortador car wash; they don’t cause serious damage to metals, glass, and plastic, because you should remember: the paintwork is covered with a cobweb of the smallest scratches, the varnish is damaged, and many other components of the car are harmed during the wash.


Washing dirty vehicles

First, try to use the services of mobile car wash for sale at least once a week.

  • The more dirt adheres to your car, the harder it will be to remove it without affecting the paint. If your car is very dirty, avoid automatic car washes. Contact with brushes, especially for a heavily soiled car, is destructive. At a regular mobile car wash, ask employees to rinse the car thoroughly before applying the foam.
  • Direct sunlight is a known enemy of paintwork. However, it is not even the heating of the body that is bad, but a temperature drop, when streams of cold water are poured onto a hot body. You may not notice the consequences right away, they will appear later. Due to the temperature difference, imperceptible microcracks appear in the varnish. Over time, they no longer stay moisture-proof, which will provoke corrosion.
  • To protect the car from such unpleasant scenarios, invest in additional polishing before summer. To protect the car windows from cracking when using mobile car wash equipment, you should gradually cool the interior in the heat with the air conditioning system. Alternatively, make sure that the washers use warm, not cold, water when washing the car.
  • Another common mistake that occurs in winter is the incomplete drying of numerous body parts. What should you pay attention to first of all? Often, washers are limited to blowing the lock with compressed air. However, you should make sure the door seals are dried and the fuel filler flap and cap. Otherwise, you either face the risk of not getting into the car, or you will not be able to open the frozen gas tank cap at a gas station.
  • The desire to see a clean engine compartment is understandable and even commendable. But if you entrust the car wash mobile for sale procedure to professionals, or if you wash a car at a self-service station, still check if a high-pressure washer is used. Modern cars are replete with various sensors and other electronics.

When asked whether to wash or not wash the car, each car owner answers for him/herself. Frequent use of car wash van services damages the paint, but reagents and dirt accumulating on the car damage it just as quickly. In this case, it is important to adhere to the golden mean principle and be guided by the “do no harm” rule.

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