Which Car Wash Is Better — A Traditional or Automatic One?

Car wash brings the long-awaited feeling of freshness. The market offers many ways to wash a car, based on the main requirements of our time — the price and speed of the service. At the same time, the main task of washing with Fortador — protection of body parts and car paintwork from destructive processes — faded into the background.


Which wash to choose

The classification of car washes is quite simple: the main separation is carried out by the method of influencing the dirt — cleaning the body with a sponge/brushes or non-contact with water pressure. In addition, the automation of the process is taken into account — this is the usual division into a manual and automatic mobile car wash for sale.

  • Automatic car wash

With automation, the car wash van services have gained several undeniable advantages. The machine dispenses an accurate portion of detergents and strictly follows the technology. Moreover, the electronics strictly monitor the timing, which reduces the service time to 3-5 minutes. But it is worth remembering that there are huge nylon brushes that cling and damage the car paint, especially the edges and protruding surfaces of the body. It becomes matte, that is, both gloss and shine are erased.

  • Manual wash

Washing the car yourself brings a lot of advantages and is an indicator of the driver’s skill, love for the car.  When performing mobile car wash with a set of sponges or brushes, special car shampoos are used. They are harmless and wash away dirt quite well. But the contact of the sponge with dirt on the surface of the body works like an abrasive — it leaves micro-scratches, which appear when the procedure is repeated. With such a wash, it is important not only to moisten but also to wash the sponge with clean water as often as possible. Manual contactless washing is gaining popularity thanks to a huge number of portable pressure washes.

  • Contactless wash

Contactless mobile car wash equipment or chemical wash is not bad at all, but such a wash is good for cars that have no paint damage. For contactless washing, active foam is used instead of neutral shampoos. Despite the high-pressure apparatus, which makes it possible to avoid direct contact of dirt with the body, the human factor cannot be avoided. If your car does not have paint damage, then contactless washing is the best option.

However, do not delay taking advantage of the car wash mobile for sale services. Part of the particles appearing on the car’s body is able to penetrate into the paint layer, which pretty much damages the car’s appearance. Never scrape or rub off dirt in order to prevent the appearance of micro scratches. It is recommended to use chemical solutions that are created for cars.

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