What Should You Pay Attention to When Using the Services of an Automatic Car Wash?

How to wash a car and should it actually be done? This is a question that is asked, probably, by every vehicle owner. It is important to determine how to do it correctly, which method of washing is better to choose and how often it needs to be carried out to keep your car shiny. It is worth noting that it is strictly forbidden to ignore this issue because otherwise the car will lose its attractive appearance and lead to the formation of corrosion.


Which car wash to choose?

You should wash your car with Fortador using a special sprayer, which, by ejecting water under pressure, first, washes away small stones and other hard particles that scratch the surface. Washing using a regular hose or a bucket will do more harm to your car.

  • Manual and machine wash

Machine mobile car wash for sale has a better effect on the paint. But only when the owners don’t forget to change the washing rollers and if they are quite expensive. The disadvantage of most automatic car washes is that they almost do not wipe cars. Dirt sticks to wet cars much faster.

  • When to go to the wash?

It is better to wash the car just before the trip. Water remaining in the body parts will evaporate faster due to natural ventilation while driving. After a high-quality mobile car wash, there should be no water anywhere: neither under the fuel filler flap, nor on the bumpers, nor the edges of the doors. If you notice drops of water or streaks — don’t hesitate, ask to fix them.


What should you pay attention to when using an automatic car wash?

You should always know what to do before using the automatic mobile car wash equipment.

  • Close all windows and sunroof of the vehicle. Lock the fuel tank cap. Turn off the wipers. Be careful, as many cars have a rain sensor and the wiper blades may turn on unexpectedly while driving inside a car wash. Therefore, you should turn off the wipers.
  • Also, before using the services of car wash mobile for sale, remove all traces of snow and ice from the car body, since they can become an analog of sandpaper in an automatic car wash, leaving scratches on the body when water under pressure rinses the dirt from the body.

Body wash: technical wash + door sills, middle and rear car pillars wash. Cleaning the cabin with a vacuum cleaner: washing rugs and sills, as well as front and rear pillars, cleaning ashtrays, cleaning the floor of the cabin. Full interior cleaning: the same + internal and external washing of car windows, wiping of plastic and leather parts of the car interior with special tools. Luggage compartment cleaning: cleaning the luggage compartment with a vacuum cleaner, washing the carpet, and opening the boot lid. Using a car wash van for the engine compartment is one of the most difficult and critical operations.

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