Is It Worth Putting Ceramic Coating on Your Car?

A great number of car owners look for ways to protect the paint on a car. Until recently, the surface of a car was protected with ordinary wax, but such a coating requires frequent renewal and reverent maintenance. A formula to replace its predecessor has been developed, it copes with the preservation of the car’s gloss. Ceramic coating or car steam cleaner is an excellent method of protecting the paintwork from unwanted scratches and damage.


The advantages of ceramic coating 

Applying a ceramic coating to the surface of a car body is certainly not a necessary procedure. A mirror-shiny car cleaned with Fortador will always attract attention on the roads. What advantages does it have?

  • Protection against mechanical impact

The protective layer forms a hard coating. Consequently, it is much more difficult to scratch it even with a mobile car wash for sale. Ceramic protects the car from sand, gravel, ice, etc. Also, the coating protects the car from scratches.

  • Car shine 

Titanium dioxide, which is present in the protective coating, reflects light, and the surface of the car shines. Thanks to this effect, the car can be sold at a much higher price.

  • Easy wash

Car washing will be easier due to the hydrophobic coating. Dirt during mobile car wash will effortlessly come off the car when it gets on the surface of the detergent. This also applies to ice. It can be simply removed manually.

  • Corrosion protection

When applying ceramics, corrosion is excluded, since the factory coating is isolated from the environment. Accordingly, the metal does not oxidize, and the rust formation is excluded. A definite pro for extending the life of the body.

  • New car effect

A car that just leaves the salon or the car after the use of mobile car wash equipment and a car that has been in operation for at least six months are two completely different cars. By covering the body immediately after purchase, you will make it look new for a long time.


Cons of ceramic coating

Having talked about the advantages of ceramic coating, now it is necessary to mention the disadvantages.

  • Duration of the procedure

The ceramic coating is transparent, i.e., will not hide damage to the paint coating layer. The surface should be polished especially carefully if there are traces of corrosion. Otherwise, corrosion will continue to destroy the car under the protective layer after using the car wash mobile for sale services. The perfect option would be to apply the ceramic immediately after purchasing a new car.

  • The complexity of the process

Buying professional car chemistry will be quite problematic since mainly specialized stores sell it in large quantities to detailing studios. In addition to this, you will need to purchase a polishing machine, some specialized products, and applicators.

  • Price

Not everyone can afford to apply ceramics due to special auto chemicals, technical equipment, and car wash van professionals. All of this is expensive. Consequently, the ceramic coating too.

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