5 Expert Tips for Choosing a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are one of the most versatile cleaning tools you can find in the cleaning industry. It not only cleans your sofa upholstery, tiles, floors, and kitchen sinks but also perfectly disinfects and washes car interiors. Car steam cleaner is an excellent assistant to the car enthusiast in cleaning the car interior. With its help, it is possible to effectively clean the contaminated areas of the car interior.


Why use a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners can be called a universal type of technology. Many consumers use the Fortador device to clean up the interior of their car. There are plenty of advantages to using the device to clean your car.

Many motorists have to clean the interior of their car using a mobile car wash for sale in several stages: vacuum the seats, rinse the rugs with water, clean the panel with a sponge or cloth. Such a device as a steam cleaner makes it possible to significantly speed up this process and reduce the energy consumption for cleaning. It can replace several devices at once while processing with the greatest efficiency.

The steam jet penetrates even into hard-to-reach car areas that cannot be reached by hand. With the help of a special conical nozzle, you can knock out all the dirt from crevices and corners. Multifunctional devices can work in different modes when using a mobile car wash. If there is a vacuum cleaner function, the interior is cleaned of mechanical debris and other dirt is removed. Then, with the help of steam, you can rinse the panels and rugs and deep clean the chairs.


What to look for when choosing a steam cleaner for your car

Steam, high temperature can remove grease stains, rust, dirt, oil products, even tobacco odor. There is mobile car wash equipment on the market that can be used to clean the car interior.

  • Product power

The efficiency of the work depends on the heating element installed in it. The higher the power indicator, the faster steam will be formed, the larger its volume will be. You should purchase a 2 kW device for passenger cars. Owners of large crossovers, SUVs, and premium sedans will need a more powerful device.

  • Humidity level

Such an adjustment will make it possible to set up the desired operating mode for cleaning the interior with a car wash mobile for sale.

  • Operating pressure

For high-quality interior cleaning, you need to purchase a device that creates a pressure of 6-8 bar. Devices with lower values will be less efficient.

  • Number and types of attachments

Attachments of various shapes will help the car enthusiast to get into hard-to-reach places and facilitate the cleaning process when using car wash van services.

Since the interior of the car is a rather limited space, the steam cleaner must be compact in size. You also need to pay attention to the weight of the device. For the convenience of the user, it should not be large.

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