How to Avoid Damage to Car Paintwork from Salt and Chemicals on the Road in Winter?

The problems for motorists only multiply with the development of road maintenance technologies in the winter. Today, chemical reagents are used for sprinkling, which melts a layer of ice and snow within a few minutes and forms a clean asphalt pavement. But salts and chemicals get to the body along with moisture on the asphalt. Here they begin to actively work not in favor of the car owner, destroying the protective properties of the top layer of the car’s paintwork.

This becomes the reason for the onset of corrosive processes. If you pay no attention to such damage in a car wash van in time, you may face unpleasant consequences in the form of severe corrosion. Six months after the start of rust spreading, there are obvious problems that require expensive body repairs.


How to prevent damage to your car paintwork 

There are some tips for this. It is important not only to follow the simplest Fortador recommendations but also to exercise prudence. For example, some technologies can protect body parts from damage and reduce the risk of microchips on the body. These small damages often become the invisible cause of problems. It is easier to prevent them than to fix them, especially since microscopic chips are practically invisible to the eye.

There are basic guidelines to consider. If you do not use these tips, then you are most likely already driving a damaged car. One winter is enough to collect scratches. Further, salt and reagents will do their job and destroy the body of your car, significantly reducing its residual value. So don’t let things go by chance and waste money when reselling your vehicle. It is better to take care of the body today.


The main recommendations are:

  • Wash your car at a mobile car wash for sale at least once a week. Pay special attention to sills and arches when washing. This will help you wash off salt and chemical deposits on the surface of the body on time.
  • Do not use scraper brushes as mobile car wash equipment. You can find brushes with scrapers in stores — it is a convenient device. But when sweeping snow from a car, you can easily scratch the body and speed up the rust formation.
  • Do not break ice off the body. Any impacts will damage the thin layer of paintwork. Leave the icing on the body alone, it will go away on its own after warming up the interior of the car, if it is not too cold outside. Only scrape ice off car windows when using mobile car wash services.

These recommendations seem simple, but drivers often do not follow them. Today, no one has time, everyone is busy and does not think about the consequences of their actions. You will have to do welding and painting work if you do not follow these simple tips. Consider this the next time you drive your car out of a garage, car wash mobile for sale, or parking lot.

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