When Shouldn’t You Wash Your Car in Winter?

Drivers who take care of their car in winter are interested in how to wash it, and whether it is worth doing it at all during this season. The answer is unequivocal — washing the car in winter is necessary, but there is a risk of damaging the paintwork and rubber seals. Therefore, it is better to perform it either in a professional heated mobile car wash for sale, or in warm weather with your own hands, not with a washcloth, but with a high-pressure washer. Moreover, when washing a car in winter, you need to know some nuances immediately before and after washing.


How often you should wash the car in winter

In winter, the car needs to be washed even more often than during other times of the year. Dirt and salt from winter roads clog into gaps and crevices, creating favorable conditions for corrosion. Moreover, a car covered with mud is not pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is necessary to wash a car with Fortador, but it should be done correctly, taking the season into account.

A universal tip is to wash your car just before freezing weather. Thus, the car owner will be able to maximally protect the car body from chemicals. 

Also, use car wash mobile for sale services before the trip, not after. You should do this because it is likely that water on some parts of the body will freeze after the washing process. If you wash your car before driving, then the water will most likely evaporate while driving, and the occurrence of related problems is unlikely.


The golden rules of winter car wash

  • It is not recommended to wash the car yourself in winter. First, it is difficult to get the water to the right temperature. Water that is too cool will freeze on the body, and hot water can cause cracks on paint, glass, and mirrors. Secondly, it is difficult to properly wash off dried winter dirt from the body by hand, and the remaining particles of sand and salt will scratch and corrode the paintwork. Therefore, the best option in winter is a mobile car wash.
  • At sub-zero temperatures, don’t do express-washing. Be sure to order a car purge — this inexpensive procedure will remove water from rubber seals, handles, locks, etc.
  • After using mobile car wash equipment, it is useful to do the protective wax polishing of the body. After such treatment, less dirt and salt adhere to the paintwork.

The frequency of washing depends on how much time you spend driving your car. If you travel most of the day, then 2 car washes a week will not be superfluous. If you rarely go out, then 1-2 washes per month will be enough. Regular use of a car wash van will protect your car from the damaging effects of road dirt and reagents.

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